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 Waste and Recycling
WDLPOG has built its own solid waste
and recycling depot at the entrance to
West Devil Lake Lane. Strict guidelines
must be adhered to in order to ensure
the depot is kept orderly and does not
attract bears. Here are the guidelines:


1) All bags placed in the green metal bins must have a bag tag attached to the top of bag. If there is not a bag tag around the top of the bag, it will not be collected.


2) The wooden recycling bins are for acceptable items only- glass, metal cans, hard plastic and paper. Please observe the signs. Also, it is crucial to wash all items and to crush or flatten all metal cans and plastic bottles before placing them in the bins. Plastic bags should be tied in a plastic grocery bag and placed in the papers bin.


3) Corrugated cardboard must be cut up to proper size and tied with rope or twine before it is placed in the new bin designated for corrugated cardboard only.


4) NOTHING IS TO BE PLACED OUTSIDE OF THE BINS!. No discarded lawn chairs or other furniture, paint cans, discarded tools, rusted propane tanks, toys, etc. It is your responsibility to take these types of items to the Portland Dump in Verona.

Bag Tags: The Township issues landowners 50 bag tags each year. If more tags are needed, they may be purchased at local stores for $2.00 each.

Hazardous waste: The Township of South Frontenac has a household hazardous waste transfer station at 2491 Keeley Road (at Sydenham Road) which is available to all residents at no charge. Visit the Township’s website for the current list of acceptable items, alternative sites for items not taken, and to confirm the current hours of operation.

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