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Fire & Emergency
CALL 911

Fire is always a worry to cottagers. Here are a few precautions

you might take to reduce or minimize your risk:

  • Connect a 15m (50ft) garden hose to an outdoor spigot (front & back, if possible) and attach a nozzle;

  • Make sure other firefighting tools like shovels, rakes and buckets are handy;

  • Remove flammable material including leaves from under your cottage;

  • Keep at least one fully charged ABCD fire extinguisher in the cottage.


In Case of Emergency

  • 911 Service: In an emergency call 911. Have your cottage address 9-1-1 Emergency Number which is on the green sign with white lettering on a metal post at your cottage’s entrance from your lane. It should be maintained so that it can easily be seen from the lane and it should be positioned so that there is no confusion as to which cottage it belongs.

  • West Devil Lake emergency help system: Before we had 911 service, an emergency help signal was established within West Devil Lake - 4 car horn blasts, Pause and repeat 4 horn blasts - signals a call for help. Today calling 911 is the recommended emergency response but it is important for cottagers to know what 4 horn blasts means, how to use it, and how to respond.


To avoid false alarms please make all visitors to your cottage aware of the emergency signal. 

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