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Roads & Map

Our cottages are served by a network of private roads or “lanes”. The lanes are not owned by WDLPOG but by the owners of the individual properties adjacent to the lanes. All cottage owners have the legal right to use the roads for access to their cottages. The cottage lanes are privately owned so people travel them at their own risk.

The Lanes are:

West Devil Lake Lane: runs from Devil Lake Road down the length of our peninsula, serving other lanes and many cottages facing out on to Devil Lake as well as several bays.

Granite Lane: serves cottages on McCarthy Bay.

Alpine Lane: serves cottages on Crane Bay and Buce Bay.

Old Christie Bay Lane: serves cottages on Crane Bay.

Tundra Lane and Orchard Lane: serve cottages on McCarthy Bay and the shore facing Frontenac Park.

Dragonfly Lane: is a loop serving cottages on the shore facing Frontenac Park and Hayes Bay.

Shoal Lane: serves cottages on Hayes Bay.




WDLPOG maintains the roads on everyone’s behalf using a large percentage of the dues paid each year. The objectives are:

  • to provide a well graded and drained surface that allows safe driving below 30 km per hour (20 mph); and

  • to, as far as possible, make the lanes wide enough 4.5m (15ft) and high enough 4.5m (15ft) to allow access for emergency vehicles.


The lanes are graded and new gravel is added when necessary. In some places we have paved the surface or use recycled asphalt to prevent erosion.

You can help by:

  • Keeping the roads clear by removing any large stones or branches when you come across them on the roads.

  • Reporting fallen power or telephone line to Hydro One or Westport telephone immediately. Do not drive across the downed line.

  • Cutting brush back on your own road property to maintain visibility and to keep the 4.5m (15ft) by 4.5m (15ft) emergency access clear.

  • Keeping your speed below 30 km/hr (20 mph).

Link to: How to make a topographic map of your property

Link to: Frontenac County maps

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