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Membership in WDLPOG is dependent upon 1) owning property in the community and 2) paying annual dues that are primarily used for the maintenance of our roads.


Annual dues: $225 (Canadian funds only) per property.

Dues due:  June 29, 2024, by 10 a.m. EST at AGM

Note: Dues must be paid to be able to vote

at the AGM. 


Payment options:

By e-transfer at (Please note your property address)


By mail to West Devil Lake Property Owners Group

P.O. Box 25

Westport, ON

K0G 1X0


In person to 506 West Devil Lake Lane

Cheques payable to: West Devil Lake Property Owners Group, Inc.

If you are a new owner or if your address, e-mail or telephone has changed, e-mail the new information to:

Link to Membership Form.


Owners who do not pay their membership fees will lose WDLPOG voting privileges, access to the WDLPOG solid waste and recycling site, group insurance coverage and access to FOCA benefits. 

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