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West Devil Lake began life as a cottage community in the early 1960’s when lake front lots were first sold. By the end of the decade the need for a cottage association became apparent and in 1971 the West Devil Lake Property Owners Association was formed. In 1995 the name of the association was changed to the West Devil Lake Property Owners Group (WDLPOG), which was incorporated in 1997.

The primary function of WDLPOG is to give all property owners an active voice in the ongoing well being of our community. We have no specific rules or regulations. Rather, we suggest ways in which we can help blend people and nature into an environment of peace and tranquility. We maintain the access roads, we communicate with local government, we advocate for the environment, we keep each other informed of items of importance and/or interest, and we work to promote an atmosphere of harmony and community. 

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